Drew Gorton

Director of Agency and Community Outreach
Drew began working on the web in 1996, founded Gorton Studios in 2001 and joined Pantheon in 2015. At Gorton Studios he built a team of incredibly talented people and together they made many great organizations even better, including a wide varie of cultural, media, education, governmental, NGO, art and non-profit organizations. At Pantheon, Drew is the Director of Community and Agency Outreach. He now gets to spend time working with agencies all of the world, share best practices and help them get the most out of both Pantheon and the Open Source tools we all share. Drew has a broad range of interests, has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and North America and speaks several languages. He has an advanced degree in the martial art of Aikido and a liberal arts degree from St. Olaf College. He's also a generally nice fellow.