The upgrade path between major versions of Drupal is now more flexible and extensible than ever allowing many new ways to get content into your new Drupal 8 site. This is the result of refactoring, expanding, and porting the Migrate and Drupal-to-Drupal Data Migration modules into Drupal 8 core.

The new versions of these modules go much further than both the old upgrade path and the Drupal 7 modules they replace. The migrations now include setup of content types, variable and block migrations, internationalization, and pathways for most system components that are now in core. This session will provide an overview of the architecture, a demonstration of a sample migration, an update on the current progress, and some time for Q&A.

In this session we will walk you through the process of migrating using the UI, explaining concepts and strategies for approaching migration. Later in the day we will get into more advanced topics: explaining how you can override the configuration, write your own configuration, and help you identify when you will need to make use of plugins to extend migrate.

Full Day
Check-in at COMRB 2nd floor
2016 -
9:00am to 5:00pm