Session Description

This session will give you the UX insight and development tools you need to start simplifying the Drupal admin experience – something that will save you time over the course of the project and improve client satisfaction.

As a case study, we’ll review the admin experience of Relief International's new site and how its ease of use led to many positive outcomes.

The site we built:

  • Lowered the learning curve for site administrators.The most frustrating part of picking up any new technology is getting past the initial paradigm shift.
  • Built trust early. If the first impression of Drupal is bad, the client will carry this forward throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Cut down on hours spent training and providing trivial support. This allowed for focus on more advanced functionality, which was more fun to build!
  • Allowed clients to stage content more quickly. We helped deliver massive stress reduction in the crucial weeks/days prior to launch. 


Please provide feedback here: https://legacy.joind.in/talk/view/17253

Slides can be found here: http://slides.com/alexellison/clean-simple-drupal-admin


Site Building
Content Administration



Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes

Session Assignment

SRH 219 - Breakthrough Technologies
Friday 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Session video