Session Description


  • Introduction to Drupal 8
  • Custom menu items in Drupal 8
  • Custom Forms in Drupal 8
  • Add Liberaries (JS and CSS)
  • Demo

Drupal 8 is no longer only a CMS it is more of a Digital experience, This newest version includes new user interfaces, mobile capabilities, coding standards and APIs, amongst many other changes.

Drupal 8 has adopted much of the Symfony stack. This means that large parts of Symfony2 are in the codebase, and themes now use the Twig templating language.

Drupal 8 has included multilingual in the core as it used to be a huge pain if you go for multilingual in D7, According to me around 14 modules needed for a multilingual support in Drupal 7. However in Drupal 8 multilingual is added in the core only 4 modules which can give you a complete powerfull multilingual support.


We will discuss about change in custom development for D8 in this session, How D8 is different from D7, What is the directory structure of module writing in D8, What is router yml in D8, How does controller works in D8 modules and all the coding changes from D7 to D8, like hooks to classes and functions.





Drupal beginners


Session length

30 minutes