Session Description

Since elementary school, tech fascinated me. As I got older, my love of tech grew. In college, I often found myself procrastinating by doing web development and thinking, “I wish I could just do web development all the time.” I graduated and got a job doing Drupal development. The next thing I knew, I hated tech. Outside of work, I didn’t want to touch a computer at all and often not even my smartphone. My passion for tech was gone, and I knew changes needed to be made. Learn how I restored my passion.

Stories of overworked, frustrated, burnt out programmers run rampant--just look at Dilbert. Self-care and wellbeing have become a hot topics recently and rightly so.

This session will include:

  • Personal story
  • Importance of self-care and wellbeing
  • Challenges to taking care of oneself and being well
  • Tips for self-care and wellbeing
  • Discussion

TW: This session will touch on mental health.





Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes