Session Description

Everyone wants continuous integration. Maybe you’re not quite sure how continuous integration can help your organization. Maybe you’re reluctant to devote resources to support CI for your projects. Or maybe you’re just not sure where to get started. Enter Travis CI.

If you’ve been around the FOSS community you’ve surely heard of Travis CI. Here we’ll cover the basics of the Travis CI platform and how to get started using it to manage builds for your projects.

This includes:

  • The notion of creating “builds” and how it applies to Drupal projects
  • Tools available for Drupal and Travis CI
  • Configuration for running builds for Drupal projects (modules, themes, etc), or entire Drupal sites
  • Tips to optimize the build process
  • Integration with your organization’s existing tools

If you can make a commit, this material is pertinent to you. We’ll cover several examples of Travis CI project builds, and you’ll come away with the knowledge and working code to get started on your own projects.

Keep those build status badges green!

Disclosure: I’m not affiliated with Travis CI, just a user who has successfully set up Travis CI to perform builds for projects. However I am fortunate enough to have a contact from Travis CI who has offered to review this material.





Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes