Session Description

I have been searching for a way to make Drupal output cleaner, lighter, more semantic HTML since I started theming.  The goal of my approach here is to minimize the markup that Drupal outputs, and gain complete control over the what and the where of the markup.  We can gain control of the fields using the Fences module; gain control over the templates in the theme; and gain even more control over the placement and what gets loaded using ctools' Page Manager and Panels.  I will step through each of these items in detail in this presentation.

Using this system, we can:

  • Completely separate the design from the content and the layout.
  • Easily create variations in the administration UI
  • Minimize markup bringing better rendering and faster performance.

Attendees should expect to learn:

  • How to configure the Fences module for better Field HTML
  • How to find and configure Template files in your theme.
  • How to create your own Layout plugins
  • How to configure Panels Everywhere and Panel variants using Page Manager


Site Building



Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes