Session Description

Accustomed to using functions like menu_get_object() or node_load() to get the work done in your modules? Drupal 8 has brought a host of changes and the most apparent for developers are the changes to the API. Most of the functions we are familiar with are either removed or deprecated and their replacements are not always easy to find. 

This presentation will cover how to perform common tasks in Drupal 8 like loading nodes, querying the database, loading menus, getting field properties or accessing field values. For those who are used to building modules in Drupal 7, I will point out and explain differences using examples from Drupal 7 compared with Drupal 8. If you are new to custom module development, this presentation will show you what powers Drupal behind-the-scenes and how to accomplish these same tasks in your own modules. Expect to come away with many code examples that you can use in projects of your own.





Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes