Session Description

We want to automate deployment process in Drupal, because it saves our time and client’s time. Jenkins job is to facilitate code deployments and figure out what and how we can do to implement zero touch deployment.  So when we talk about Drupal 7 we mostly need execution of some commands :

  • SSH to the server

  • Change directory to repository docroot

  • Pull down latest code on the master branch

  • Clear Drush cache

  • Run database updates

  • Update production configuration

  • Clear Drupal caches

In Drupal 7, we rely heavily on features to deploy configuration. And in Drupal 8, we have the magical unicorn that is the Configuration Management System.

In this talk we will discuss Drupal 8 deployment, and also how it is helpful for continuous integration.





Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes