Session Description

Growth in companies is never easy, mine went through a steady growth over the last six years. Transitioning from 5 people in one office taking calls in hallways to 40+ people all over the world. We’re still using Drupal, but almost everything else has changed. Let me share what I’ve learned along the way.

Time to share my experience with you.

In this session I will look back to the last 5 years of serving as business owner of these locations. And will cover these topics:

  • Which major decisions we are glad we made. 
  • Which decision we regret in hindsight, and how we worked through those failures
  • Why staying Open Source was important
  • How we dealt with workforce scaling
  • How we adjusted to 24hr workforce
  • What has changed in day to day and what has changed in our company goals
  • What caused growth, what led to losses

This is session is interesting for you if:

  • You are in the beginning stages of your business and are looking to learn what works, what doesn't
  • You are planning to open another office in another location of the world or just growing into multiple teams 





Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes