Session Description

Our company originally started as a small company with only a couple of developers. We were quite lucky with the way we deployed in that every deployment involved the help of the “DevOps” Engineer. Not a problem if you only have one or two deployments per week.

Fast forward to today where we have grown to 3 locations with 30 people all over the world, at times with multiple deployments per day or hour. Did I mention we still have only one DevOps Engineer?

How does this crazy plan work and scale? It is only possible with the industry magic word, automation. We automate every part of the process we can including automated deployments on git pushes with build scripts.

In this session I will present:- How we transitioned from manual to fully automated deployments- Which tools and systems we are using to deploy (Hint: it includes Jenkins and Ansible)- How we don't just  stop at automating deployments. We’ve gone full automation: Automatic new site setup, automatic site synchronization, and more- How you can utilize the same tools that we’re using





Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes