Session Description

Use Google Analytics to jettison the underperforming or completely unused content that’s bogging down your site.

After a site audit, what actions does your team take to revamp a website?

Critical fixes, sure. Security updates, given. Now what? Re-theme and call it a day? Hold your horses. Re-theming may seem like a sexy solution but it does little to address the underlying issues that led to a bloated site in the first place. Once the code-based issues are addressed, content strategy should be the next critical fix that goes in place.

Discerning successful content from not-so-successful content will involve a different kind of audit — the Content Audit.

This session will review the best reports in Google Analytics to identify unused content. It will also prescribe some useful fixes for common problems such as:

  • Content that drives users to the exit

  • Identifying pages with poor user experience

  • Attracting a larger audience by tailoring content that capitalizes on trends 



Content Administration



Drupal beginners


Session length

30 minutes