Session Description

If you're a Drupal site builder, you've probably heard about how you can migrate your content into Drupal using the Migrate module. But you might have assumed that migrating content is the 'developer's job': a long and arduous task best avoided.

As site builders, we're often responsible for setting up the information architecture of a Drupal site, and testing that the content provided fits into this architecture. We start most Drupal projects by looking at content: What content needs to be displayed on the website? How does it need to be organized? What's the content strategy? Site builders often become content experts, and are in a great position to inform the migration process. By learning about the migration process, we can make better site building decisions.

This session will provide an introduction to Drupal's Migrate module for site builders. No experience developing modules required. We'll look at how to get your content into Drupal, from another Drupal site or from an external CSV file. We'll also see how to line up your migration with Drupal’s configuration components. We'll look at some examples from Drupal 7 and also discuss how this will work in Drupal 8.


Site Building



Drupal beginners


Session length

60 minutes

Session Assignment

SRH 218 - Palantir.net
Friday 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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