Session Description

Have more than a few groups with users playing different roles while multiple events are going on simultaneously? What if a user has different roles when it comes to different events but don't want to create extra accounts? Organic group solves this problem by focusing on group, instead of users.

Why I want to talk about it?- As a beginner, I heard OG was imitating. But after working with it, I found it is less complex than my assumption- I want to share this learning experience with the other beginners- I think this experience could also be applied to other complicated modules

What can the attendees get from this?- Basic understanding and use of OG- How to teach yourselves to get the work done- The drupal help documents (and community, if there is more time)

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Site Building
Content Administration



Drupal beginners


Session length

30 minutes

Session Assignment

SRH 218 - Palantir.net
Friday 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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